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The Benefits


Increased Yield

Increase the yield of your crop, naturally and sustainably. Supported by hundreds of experiments, biostimulants can be added in addition to synthetic fertilizer or replace fertilizer altogether. In both scenarios, growth and yield are increased, as shown in the images to the left.

Improved Health

Our biostimulant works via invigorating antioxidant and other growth pathways, which not only increases growth but also makes plants healthier and more nutritious. Adopting biostimulants will improve your farm's quality and quantity of crop.


The Science

Our most recent experiment increased fresh biomass, used as a proxy for yield, in radish. Over synthetic fertilizer alone, radishes with both fertilizer and Shoots' biostimulant were increased by 216%, a 3x. 


For every 100 lbs of fertilizer applied to a field, only 50% is uptaken by the plants, meaning 50 pounds end up in the atmosphere and our drinking water. Contrarily, Shoots has no runoff.


Moreover, Shoots increases root biomass, promotes soil carbon sequestration, and is designed to be a tool for farmers to switch to regenerative practices.

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