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Welcome to Shoots

Grow more crops on less land more sustainably

The Benefits

Shoots' biostimulant increases yield by 200% over synthetic fertilizer alone. In fact, this panel's background are two radish plants, one treated with fertilizer and the other with our biostimulant. ​

In addition ​to improved growth, the plants are healthier, have higher nutritional values, and are more resistant to plant stress. It​ also promotes soil carbon sequestration. Overall, our biostimulant invigorates you and your farm to grow more crops on less land more sustainably. 

What are Biostimulants?

Also called plant growth enhancers, biostimulants are non-fertilizer products that in small amounts are beneficial to plant growth and health. They are analogous to a plant nutrient shot and are comprised of kelp powder, vitamins, amino acids, and other non-hormonal bioactive materials. They comprised of naturally occurring compounds, and are 100% safe, as supported by 40 years of research​

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The Science

By identifying the metabolic pathways that limit plant growth and then releasing these bottlenecks, the Berlyn Laboratory of the Yale School of the Environment has developed a biostimulant that allows plants to approach their full genetic growth capacity. The components work predominately via interactions of their antioxidant capacities and various stimulatory effects on key growth pathways.

How it Works

Plants are seldomly situated in optimal growing environments and experience stress, which decreases yield an estimated 78%. Shoots’ formula invigorates plants to better deal with stress, boosting crop yield ~200%.

A byproduct of biotechnical research, biostimulants, which are non-fertilizer products that stimulate metabolic growth processes, were invented by Dr. Graeme Berlyn of the Yale School of the Forestry in the 1980s. Also referred to as plant growth enhancers, they work by targeting key metabolic and antioxidant processes so that plants can achieve their full genetic growth capacity. It’s analogous to a plant nutrient shot, as our formula is a vitamin-marine algal-humic-amino acid growth blend. The all-natural and non-hormonal mixture is supported by 40 years of research, proven to reduce fertilizer requirements, and increases carbon sequestration. At Shoots, our goal is to enable farmers to grow more food on less land while becoming more sustainable. ​​

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Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions, comments, or concerns. While our product is not being sold commercially at this time, please use this form for any inquiries. Thank you for your interest in Shoots.

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Meet The Team


Dr. Graeme P. Berlyn

Dr. Berlyn has been a professor at the Yale School of the Environment since 1960 and invented the biostimulant field in 1980. He is the preeminent mind in the biostimulant field and the head of research for Shoots.


Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher is an alumnus of Yale College and has worked and studied with Dr. Berlyn since 2016. He is leading Shoots' business efforts to bring our biostimulant across the country.

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